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About Zaltbommel

The municipality of Zaltbommel is located in the province of Gelderland. The city forms together with the neighboring municipality of Maasdriel de Bommelerwaard. Zaltbommel know many people as the town of the blunt-tower-without-rush. The settlement town on the Waal has many sights and activities. From the Waal Bridge you can see the small inhabited water tower and the city walls. Behind it lies the old and walled part of Zaltbommel.

The town has much to offer in the area of ​​culture and culture. There is a lot of art in the open air, there is a cultural center with theater, there are several museums, city guides give guided tours and throughout the year various cultural events take place in the municipality.

De Bommelerwaard is firmly wedged between the rivers Maas and Waal as ‘island between the rivers’. The influence of the water is noticeable everywhere in the varied landscape of winding dykes, fascinating floodplains and characteristic villages and castles. De Bommelerwaard is ideally suited to let off steam and recharge, enjoy the water, experience the rich past and taste the delicious local produce.

Hotspots in Zaltbommel