Tübingen (DE)

About Tübingen (DE)

The beautiful university town of Tübingen am Neckar is located in the middle of the state Baden-Würtemberg. The city has been given the predicate ‘most liveable city in Germany’. It is a city of poets and thinkers where university education has been given for over 530 years and scientific research has been done. Tübingen is a vibrant, cultural city and a modern center for science that is at the top of the world.

The historic center of Tübingen has been almost completely preserved. The flair of the beautiful medieval city center goes hand in hand with the colorful activity and feeling of life of a student city. Winding streets with cobblestones, narrow stairs, stately half-timbered houses and sunny squares with terraces, traditional wine bars and cozy student bars, attractive shops, good restaurants and cozy hotels invite you to stay longer. The center of the old town is the historic market square, which is the showpiece of Tübingen with its impressive town hall from the 14th – 15th centuries.

Hotspots in Tübingen (DE)