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About Tubbergen

Tubbergen is located in Noordoost-Twente, near the border with Germany. The municipality of Tubbergen has more than 21,100 inhabitants, extends over 147 km² and has 9 villages and three neighborhood landscapes.

The villages that fall under the municipality of Tubbergen are Fleringen, Albergen, Manderveen, Langeveen, Geesteren, Habrinkhoek-Mariaparochie, Vasse, Reutum and Tubbergen. Hezingen, Haarle and Mander form separate neighborhoods.

The municipality of Tubbergen is rich in windmills, glass and nature. Every year is an event Glasrijk Tubbergen. A Glaskun route of 50 kilometers. The pacratius basilica with glass from the 5 generations of Nicolas. Gemeente Tubbergen is the largest province in the province of Overijssel. There are 7 windmills, with 4 watermills below.

The beautiful landscape is one of the natural characteristics of the municipality of Tubbergen. You can go cycling, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and out with horse and carriage.

Hotspots in Tubbergen