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About Teuge

Teuge, a cozy village located in the province of Gelderland between Apeldoorn and Twello. Besides agriculture and livestock farming, recreation and tourism are of great importance. Every year there is a village festival in Teuge, where all the village and people from the surrounding places go. In addition to the beautiful nature and the many cycle paths that are ridden by many people annually, Teuge is also known for the airport, Teuge International Airport. Do you want some more music from the city, then visit the nearby: Apeldoorn, Deventer or Zutphen. But do not forget to fully enjoy all the beauty of nature.

The village is therefore best known for the Teuge Airport, established in 1935, the only civil airfield in the province of Gelderland, now called Teuge International Airport. The German occupying forces caused a growth of the village during the Second World War. Near the village arise halls in which aircraft engines and possibly parts for V1 and V2 rockets are assembled. After the Second World War a mobilization complex will be built at the airport. At the grassy runway of the airport, the first flying schools were established in the 1960s. After the hardening of the then 720-meter-long runway in 1979, more airlines came here.

Hotspots in Teuge