Sandane (NO)

About Sandane (NO)

Sandane is a town in the Norwegian municipality of Gloppen, Sogn og Fjordane province. In Sandane is the open-air museum Nordfjord Folkemuseum with forty historic buildings. Surrounding places are Byrkjelo, Innvik and Nordfjordeid.

Sogn og Fjordane is located right in the heart of Norway. The area has a sensationally beautiful nature, large mountains and impressive glaciers and fjords. The region is known for its deepest and longest fjord, namely the Sognefjord. The Sognefjord is 205 km long and up to 1300 meters deep. Also some of the highest mountains in Norway, such as the Norwegian glacier Jostedalsbreen, is in this area.

The region has been popular with holidaymakers for a long time, already visited in the 18th century for great day trips. The first tourists in this area were especially the prosperous English. Today, the region attracts holidaymakers from all parts of the world.

Do you like the fresh air outside? Then this region is definitely a holiday destination for you! You can climb mountains, discover glaciers and make long walks. Here you will find Norway as you know Norway from the holiday brochures. Love it!

The inhabitants of Sandane are at the top of the national statistics list of the most law-abiding, friendly and productive people. The Norwegians here are even friendlier and more hospitable than in the rest of Norway. Whether the beautiful nature plays a role in this, who knows!

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