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About Rotterdam

Rotterdam is of course a real port city, and lacks the cozy canals and cozy streets surrounded by old buildings. But it is amply compensated by modern architecture, nice shops, events and restaurants.

However, there is still a small piece that is called Historical Delfshaven with old cozy houses along a canal, visit anyway! Visiting the Markthallen where stalls full of food await you is a must.

It is also a place where old and new meet because this modern building is adjacent to the beautiful Laurenskerk. Visiting the Euromast, with phenomenal views or walking along the Oude Haven are an unforgettable experience, and even the station is an experience to behold.

If the weather is not easy, you can always visit one of the many museums or the National Film Festival. A city of activities and lust for the eye, come and let us sail in Rotterdam.

Hotspots in Rotterdam