Potsdam (DE)

About Potsdam (DE)

As a former royal residence of the Prussian kings, Potsdam has a large historical and cultural heritage. Famous architects such as Knobelsdorff, Schinkel or Persius and great landscape architects such as Lenné, Eyserbeck and Prince Pückler-Muskau designed the “Paradise Eyland” in the royal decree.

Immerse yourself in the history of Potsdam, feel the cultural diversity: the Italian flair, the influence of French culture, Dutch architecture, the Prussian structure.

Beautiful palaces, romantic gardens and historical places to tell about the past – living art and innovative ideas flow into the history of Potsdam’s future.

The UNESCO World Heritage galleries, museums, theaters and many other creative houses invite you to experience Potsdam and contemporary culture. The Schiffbauergasse, for example, is the city’s experience quarter.

In addition to the Hans Otto Theater, the location on Lake Tiefen is characterized mainly by the independent culture and theater world. The historic center around the renovated Oude Markt has also been an important destination for art lovers since the opening of Museum Barberini. The Potsdam museum and the Filmmuseum in the immediate vicinity complete the cultural offer. In the rest of the urban area, visitors will find galleries and museums with different themes, whether it be art, nature or history.

Hotspots in Potsdam (DE)