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About Otterlo

Otterlo is a green and hospitable village, just in front of the entrance of the Park Hoge Veluwe. Otterlo offers modern campsites, hospitable hotels, delicious restaurants and all in the midst of a unique nature! From Otterlo there are several cycling and hiking routes, but for the fans there are many more possibilities. Because of all the nature and the beautiful green you come here perfectly to rest and you can enjoy what the beautiful Netherlands has to offer.

There are several cycling and walking routes through and from Otterlo. Walking through the farmland and along farmyards interspersed with forest, heathland and drift sand. Beautiful almost 5 kilometers long hiking trail through varied terrain with pine forest, heath, hills, drift sand and oak forest.

There are also several restaurants in the village. The oldest inn of Otterlo Hotel Kruller writes history since 1812. A homely place for smugglers, social animals, culture sniffers and nature admirers. The Waldhorn is welcoming and versatile and offers excellent quality at an affordable price. Come along to experience the friendly atmosphere. On a sandy road with beautiful views over the heather they welcome you to hotel-restaurant Carnegie Cottage. In short; there is more than enough choice!

Hotspots in Otterlo