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About Noordwijk

Over the years, Noordwijk has changed from fishing village to bustling coastal town with international allure. This is partly due to the location; in the colorful and well-known flower bulb field.

The 13 kilometer long sandy beach, the attractive boulevard, the old center and the beautiful dunes and forests form the backdrop of Noordwijk. Noordwijk is a perfect place to find special beach treasures: the most common are the half-truncated beach scallop and the American sword sheath. There are also other beautiful shells, such as cockles, saws, nuns and eggs from the whelk. In the east wind small horns (the spiral staircase) are being washed.

Of course you come to Noordwijk for the sea and the beach, but do not forget the charming Noordwijk Binnen. Stroll through the picturesque old village center, taste its relaxed atmosphere and give your eyes a good look. The beautiful and versatile Hoofdstraat borders practically on the beach. The cozy Kerkstraat is located in the middle of the beautiful, historic Noordwijk Binnen.

During the day you can enjoy lunch, lounging and lazing on the Noordwijk terraces, but Noordwijk is also known for its lively nightlife. In the evening, most cafes and terraces transform into super-cozy nightlife.

Hotspots in Noordwijk