Czech Republic

Mariënbad (CZ)

About Mariënbad (CZ)

Mariënbad is a relatively young spa, developed at the beginning of the 19th century in a valley where several excellent healing streams spring from the ground. Although the inhabitants were already aware of the sources in the 1200s, King Ferdinand did not commission them until 1528 to investigate these sources for salinity.

The city of Mariánské Lázně, located in the westernmost corner of the Czech Republic, will amaze you at any time of the year. It offers you not only natural mineral resources, beautiful parks and varied architecture, but also a wide range of (cultural) entertainment programs and access to many sporting activities.

Perfectly maintained parks, attractive architecture, an ever-present nature, the wide range of activities in leisure time and a rich and famous history make Mariënbad one of the most popular holiday destinations.

Mariënbad means beautiful spa gardens, romantic colonnades, charming pavilions, cozy cafés and cozy hotels. The city is forgiven with various healing mineral springs and revives in a unique atmosphere that attracts thousands of visitors every year who sniff the atmosphere. It is a place where history meets each other and where a pleasant holiday means everything from spa relaxation to active participation in sports and walks, and in the end you end your day relaxed.

It does not matter whether you go to Marienbad for a treatment or on vacation, you will certainly not get bored. Throughout the year you can choose from a wide range of leisure activities and cultural events, surrounded by the beautiful nature and the atmosphere of the spa.

Hotspots in Mariënbad (CZ)