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About Mariahout

Mariahout is a village that is located in the province of Noord-Brabant in the Peelland region. Mariahout is the smallest village in the municipality of Laarbeek. It is a cozy village. Especially the open-air theater and the Lourdes cave are known. Furthermore, the centers Aarle-Rixtel, Beek and Donk and Lieshout fall under the municipality of Laarbeek.

Laarbeek is known for its silence, peace, hospitality, small scale, green space, authenticity, vitality, industry and industry and of course for its Brabant culture.

The strength of Laarbeek is due to the diversity. In the themes of the cores the rural character sounds: ‘Tuindorp Beek and Donk’, ‘Klokkendorp Aarle-Rixtel’, ‘Molendorp Lieshout’, and ‘Grottendorp Mariahout’. Laarbeek is rich in cultural history: old towers, windmills, monasteries, castles, marsh chambers, a beer brewery and the oldest bell foundry in the world.

With a crossing of two canals, a marina, trekking area, watercourses, fens and ponds and a castle moat, Laarbeek is a real water municipality.

Hotspots in Mariahout