Marburg (DE)

About Marburg (DE)

Marburg is located on the Lahn on the right bank of this river. The city is built in layers against the Schlossberg. The old part of the city is terraced on the slopes of this mountain. This results in steep, narrow but especially cozy streets. In the streets you can see many old attractive houses and buildings from the 16th and 17th century. Beautiful buildings are also located on the Marktplatz. The 16th-century Rathaus with renaissance façade is a good example of this, in the façade a watch has been built with a crowing rooster.

The residence lock is beautiful, it is from the Marburger graves who once lived there. The castle, built in the 13th-15th century, is situated high on the Schlossberg and is visible all over the spring. Do you have to think how big! If you visit the castle you should definitely visit the chapel, the knight’s hall and various collections. At the top of the castle you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the city. Behind the castle, an open-air theater can be found in the Schlosspark.

Another showpiece, if not the showpiece of Marburg, is the monumental Elizabeth Church, the second oldest Gothic church in Germany. The church (1235) in the shape of a cross-shaped hall church with its 80-meter high slender towers defines the city and is definitely worth a visit. In fact, the entire church is beautiful both inside and out.

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