Lindau (DE)

About Lindau (DE)

Lindau is a city in the German state of Bavaria on Lake Constance. The city has 25,249 inhabitants. The island Lindau has a car-free Hauptstrasse, shopping and pedestrian main street and leads to the market place with the house “Zum Covazzen” and Lektuurzaal.

The name comes from Linden Au, a river landscape covered with lime trees. In Roman times the designation Lindavia was used.

The historic city center is located on an island (0.68 km²) in Lake Constance and has about 3000 inhabitants. The island is connected to the mainland by a dam and a bridge. The island Hoy belongs to Lindau. The natural oyster shape in the Lindauer part of Lake Constance is a reed collar, followed by wet meadows and rising solid land.

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