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About Leiden

You can discover and see a lot in Leiden. The city has a rich history, many museums, theaters and a cozy city center. Nobody will get bored here. To really get to know this city, you have to stay longer than one day.

This city has a variety of cozy and comfortable hotels and counts hundreds of restaurants, pubs and pubs. All imaginable kitchens are represented and there is something to be found in every price range.

This city also has fantastic museums. Masterpieces by Rembrandt and Lievens, dinosaur skeletons, Wajang dolls from Indonesia, the medical history from bloodletting to breast prosthesis, an Egyptian temple, treasures from Japan, everything about the Leiden Relief or a journey of discovery through the human body. This is all to discover in the Leiden museums.

In addition, Leiden has one clear characteristic that is immediately striking: the water. After Amsterdam, this city has the most water flowing within its gates. Because of its location on the edge of the Hollandse Plassengebied, various routes for pleasure and tour navigation through Leiden and the surrounding area take place. A canal cruise on the canals of Leiden will let you experience the city from a different angle.

Hotspots in Leiden