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About Leerdam

Leerdam is the Glass City of the Netherlands. It is certainly a nice place to stay, the mix of culture, nature and history guarantee activities for everyone.

Beautiful objects are manually created in the glassworks on the Zuidwal in the city center. If you want to see more about the production of glass, glass objects or the history of glass, the glassworks, the National Glass Museum and the glass factory are certainly nice to visit.

The glass runs like a red thread through the city center of Leerdam, at various points in the city center and hanging glass objects. In the galleries, (malleable) glass objects are sold. The combination of the glass culture and the pleasant shopping area make the city unique.

In addition to everything around glass, Leerdam offers even more in the field of art and culture. For example, since 2012 there has been a unique Bridgemuseum and you will encounter countless historic buildings on foot or by bicycle, such as the Hofje van Mevrouw van Aerden and the city wall, which tells a lot about the past of the city.

Hotspots in Leerdam