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About Lattrop

Lattrop is one of the smaller church villages in the far east of the municipality of Dinkelland. Lattrop is a cozy village with many amenities. Weekly there is a market with a cheese & greengrocer. In addition, Lattrop has a good bakery with a small neighborhood supermarket for the first necessity of life & possibility for ordering meat.

Overlooking the meadows, you can get acquainted with true Twente hospitality, unwind and enjoy culinary delights. Lattrop and the neighborhood Breklenkamp are a quiet, green location between Denekamp and Ootmarsum. In this area you can make beautiful walking or cycling tours and enjoy the Twente boulevard landscape. The village has many associations and a number of important events, so there is always something to do in the field of sports, music, hobby and leisure.

Hotspots in Lattrop