Husum (DE)

About Husum (DE)

Husum, the Kreisstadt of the Kreis North Friesland is the charming German port city on the North Sea and has much to offer its guests:
an old town with narrow streets and atmospheric alleys, venerable houses with old high façades and attractive shopping opportunities.
Be enchanted by the maritime flair and enjoy fresh fish at the port, supplied daily by cutters.
Husum is ideal for a relaxing short break, a weekend or longer stay. In Husum you can find almost everything: train station, museums, city library, cinema, Theodor Storm House or the swimming pool with the beautiful sauna and spa.
To the north-east of Husum lies the Husum-Schwesing camp which was an outpost of the Neuengamme concentration camp during the Second World War.

The town of Schleswig an der Schlei is 35 km away. In 45 minutes you are in Denmark, or in the cities Flensburg or Tønder.
The island of Sylt can be reached by train in one hour from Husum. On Sylt, one of the German Wadden Islands, you can not only gaze at the polar geese, cycle on the dikes and get a breath of fresh air on the beach. You can also enjoy amazing food.

Husum is located about 80 kilometers west of Kiel. Visiting this port city is sailing on the tour boat through the harbors, visiting a shipyard or looking at fish in the Aquarium. Of course there is also more to see in the city. Pay particular attention to the often original combinations of modern and older architecture. Kiel has a market with beautiful old buildings and a town hall with a tower to climb. But perhaps the most fun: at the Alte Markt is the Kieler Brauerei with not only choice of various types of beer from the house brand, but also a delicious menu with hearty, traditional German food.

Husum is about an hour driving from Hamburg, accessible by train, bus, boat and plane. With a city trip to Hamburg you’ll be able to get away from it all. Whether you are visiting the city for shopping, relaxing, or just to see as much culture as possible and to see sights, you will always enjoy yourself in this lively city. In the city center of Hamburg you will find many historic buildings, such as the St. Michaelis Church and the Town Hall and you can enjoy nature at the Alstermeren. But there is more to see than just the center of the city. In the St. Pauli district you will find the interesting Museum for Hamburg History with Germany’s largest city-historical collection and you can go to the popular fish market on Sunday mornings. The St. George district offers some of the city’s most important museums, the Museum for Art and Gewerbe and the Hamburger Kunsthalle. There is also plenty to see in the port area, such as Speicherstadt, the largest warehousing complex in the world.

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