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About Huizen

Although the fishery only became one of the main means of existence at the end of the 17th century, Huizen is known as a former fishing village. Before then, agriculture and cottage industry were an important source of life. Houses got its name in the 14th century, because it was the first village in the Gooi that had stone houses.

The nice town is more than worth a visit. It is located in the middle of the Gooise nature and is surrounded by forest, heath, water and nice villages. Thanks to these many attractions there is something for everyone. If you like to be on the water, then you are right here. When the weather is nice, you can stay at the Huizer beaches. Because of the shallow water these are also very suitable for small children and surfers.

In addition to the beach, there is also plenty of entertainment at the Oude Haven. Although Huizen has only recently been a fishing village, there is still a lot to remember about that time. For example, you can make a trip across the Gooimeer with a Huizer Botter. This botter is an old Dutch flat-bottomed boat that started in 1934 at the shipyard of Janus Kok.

Through the woods and over the heath you can walk and cycle extensively. Enjoy the varied nature reserves in Huizen. Hikers can indulge in the Gooi forests. A special hike is the route: Gooise forests and heathens of Laren-Tafelberg-Huizen. For cyclists, the Gooilous route and the Erfgooiersroute are highly recommended.

Hotspots in Huizen