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About Harlingen

Harlingen is a port city where there is always something going on. Discover the beautiful city on the water with more than 600 monuments that draw this port city. The city is one of the Frisian eleven cities and is the fifth largest city in Friesland. The city has an important connection with the Wadden Islands. From Harlingen you can travel by boat to Vlieland and Terschelling.

In the city, some of the defense works can still be seen, just like the original canals and old warehouses. There are also many alleys that form the connection between the canals.

There are also many monuments and statues to be seen, including the best known; the Stone Man standing on the dike. The lighthouse in the city is also worth a visit.

There is plenty to do in and around Harlingen. On the Harlinger Strand you can swim, (kite) surf and canoe. There is also a beautiful nature reserve, the Hoogewiersterveld. Here you will find meadow birds and various special fish.
In the city is also plenty to do, you can shop and visit the museums.

Hotspots in Harlingen