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Grobbendonk (BE)

About Grobbendonk (BE)

Visit the historic Grobbendonk. This place has a rich past and counts fascinating museums and many ‘spots-with-a-story’. Together with Bouwel this municipality has a rich past whose history dates back to before the beginning of our era. The place is best known for its grand diamond past. And on top of that the soil is full of Gallo-Roman artefacts. The city lies in the heart of the province of Antwerp, at the confluence of the Kleine Nete and the Aa. Since the merger of 1976, the municipality has consisted of two boroughs: the green Bouwel and the historic Grobbendonk. The Albert Canal forms the separation, but as a whole they form an ideal base for a day out where you can stay in the green landscape. Grobbendonk and Bouwel have beautiful nature reserves where you can relax in the green landscape. The numerous nature reserves, listed farmhouses and ruins, sash houses along the Kleine Nete and many more, make a stay worthwhile.

Hotspots in Grobbendonk (BE)