Friedrichshafen (DE)

About Friedrichshafen (DE)

From everyday life, to pleasure. Holidays in Friedrichshafen, on one of the most popular destinations in Germany: Lake Constance – that means cultural highlights, great skies, water fun, culinary delights, time for meeting, discovering and relaxing.

Friedrichshafen is located directly on the shores of Lake Constance and is a natural environment with action and fun in and on the water. Of course you can swim and relax in the beach baths. De Zeppelinstadt offers unlimited possibilities for individual cycling pleasure thanks to its central location and optimal transport links by ship and train.

Friedrichshafen also offers endless possibilities for hiking. From pure nature, such as on the Ailinger Panoramaweg, to city-historical themed routes, there is something for everyone in Friedrichshafen. Whether it’s an exciting tour of the city, a historic trip by bike or a tour of the Zeppelin shipyard.

Friedrichshafen is always in a good mood and very active. Dine and enjoy, celebrate and experience. The evening is dedicated to a good Bodensee dance or enjoyable “schlotzen” – Friedrichshafen, for anyone looking for urban bustle and love the charming, rural twist. Here you can let yourself be dragged along, be carried away and be inspired by all the rules of art.

Hotspots in Friedrichshafen (DE)