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About Easterein

Easterein is a village in the municipality of Littenseradiel. It is an attractive and lively village. The center of the village is the beautiful Martinikerk. This church is located on a mound and is surrounded by water and a church neighborhood with small streets and alleys. The Martinikerk can be visited in consultation with the sexton.

In this village you will also find one of the oldest cafés in Friesland. The Noflik Easterrein is a restaurant and party center that is over 500 years old. A visit to this old-style café is definitely worth it.

In the area around Easterein you will find several beautiful cycling routes and old and new hiking trails that connect the terp villages in the area. You can also prepare nature reserve Skrok through these routes. There are many birds here all year round.

From the village you can make various beautiful sailing routes with smaller boats. You can go via Frjentsjerter Feart or via the Sebeare to the Boalserter Feart and via these canals you can reach many villages and towns in the area. Canoes can be rented at restaurant Noflik Easterein.

Hotspots in Easterein