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About Delft

Delft, how nice you are! Do you want a weekend trip or a day out in your own country? Then this charming city of princes is really recommended. Dive into the rich history, discover the best hotspots and wander through the atmospheric streets. Thanks to its status as a student city and historic city, this city has a variety of cultural events and occasions. So you have the animal market, at the old town hall, where you can enjoy on a terrace or shopping around one of the nice boutiques. You can also immerse yourself in the rich history of the Oranges and the Netherlands – visit Royal Delft!

Delft originated from a dug watercourse, the ‘Delf’, and is named after it; digging means digging. At the elevated location where this ‘Delf’ crossed the creek on the Gantel river, a countish throne had been established, probably since the 11th century. Due to this, Delft was an important market center, which can still be seen in the size of the central market square.

Delft has a historic city center. In parallel, and roughly north-south, the Oude Delft and Nieuwe Delft canals run. Between these two canals, in what is probably the oldest built-up location of the city, the Oude Kerk with its characteristic tower. That tower is called the ‘Oude Jan’. Near the Oude Jan you will find the Gemeenlandshuis van Delfland with a Gothic façade and the Prinsenhof.

Hotspots in Delft