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About Castricum

Castricum is a village and municipality in the Dutch province of North Holland. The municipality has approximately 35,272 inhabitants and has an area of ​​59.92 km².

Castricum is compact but you will find everything a person needs: a cinema, a shopping heart and a shopping center and good restaurants. Take a look at the special House of Hilde, right behind the station. At this brand new museum you will make a journey through the archaeological history of North Holland.

In Castricum you may find the quietest beach in North Holland. Follow the Stille Strandweg (the name says it all), through the beautiful dune area, to the southern beach exit. Here you can only hear the sound of the surf and nothing else. Those who like to keep a little more pressure can best park their car in the huge parking lot at the main beach entrance. Behind the glass at one of the beach pavilions you can enjoy the best view and lunch or dinner until the sun goes down.

The dunes are certainly worth a visit here. An extensive hiking and cycling network of nodes automatically shows you the way. The views over the ancient dune area are wonderful. And along the way you might pass a nice resting place in the dunes or step inside at Visitor Center De Hoep, which looks like a huge rabbit hole.

Hotspots in Castricum