Baiersbronn (DE)

About Baiersbronn (DE)

Baiersbronn is a municipality in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, located in the Black Forest. The main municipality consists of the following districts: Friedrichstal, Huzenbach, Klosterreichenbach, Mitteltal, Obertal, Röt-Schönegründ, Schönmünzach-Schwarzenberg and Tonbach. The municipality has 14,453 inhabitants and is best known for the beautiful nature, the wide range of hiking trails, the excellent hotels, the relaxing spas and the excellent gastronomy.

Baiersbronn is surrounded by mountains and shallow valleys, which gives a beautiful image. The municipality is often described as “the largest and most woody holiday resort in Baden-Württemberg”. The picturesque village center with its unique, varied environment will undoubtedly have a place in your heart.

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