Bad Rappenau (DE)

About Bad Rappenau (DE)

Near the romantic Heidelberg, not far from Black Forrest, located on the Castle Road in Germany – this is Bad Rappenau. As one of the largest spas with a tradition of about 170 years, Bad Rappenau is known for its medical indications. Saturated salt water of the highest quality is our specialty.

Bad Rappenau is also called “The city of parks”. With its “Kurpark”, “Schlosspark” and “Salinenpark it will become more and more the destination of many visitors .The parks will be completely redesigned with beautiful plants and areas where you can relax. In the” Salinenpark “you will find the largest attraction of all three parks: the saltworks.In Baden-Wuerttemberg is the only open air inhalatory that enriches the ambient air with salt from slippery scrub, which helps to relieve respiratory problems.The forest path and the animal residence, as well as the lavender labyrinth In the “Kurpark” is the lake, surrounded by old trees and colorful flower beds, in the heart of the spa area, the palace garden, the oldest park, with the water castle and hydropathic treatment facility, located along the watercourse.

Eight castles on the territory of Bad Rappenau and the suburbs are among the most important sights and the Jewish cemetery, one of the largest remaining in Germany after the Nazi terror. An early Roman settlement is also one of the remarkable sights. The area is known for its high-quality red wine specialty, the Lemberger. Affordable, cozy guesthouses (sometimes called “Besen”) or gourmet restaurants offer regional and international cuisine.

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