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About Apeldoorn

In Apeldoorn you experience the best of the Veluwe. This city combines culture, nature and urban amenities in an extraordinary way. The city is surrounded by the green of the Veluwe, but also by the city.

Apeldoorn is a city with many events and entertainment opportunities. If you want to eat out, you will have difficulty choosing. The range of eateries and restaurants is enormous. Relaxing and contemporary shopping can be done in this city. The city center is modern, but if you look up you can see beautiful characteristic buildings above the modern façades.

Be surprised by the variety of stores. In addition to the chain stores and large department stores, you will also find many nice boutiques in Apeldoorn.

Apeldoorn is an outer city. You will find many attractions, but also nature parks, swimming pools and many other options for outdoor recreation. For a fun night out you can go to the cozy bars and pubs or to music venues. But also grab a video, visit the theater, laser gaming or bowling is possible.

Apeldoorn is the largest city on the Veluwe and a great base for the green environment. You can walk for hours and admire the beautiful nature. Listen carefully, you might hear the murmur of the trees, the ticking of a woodpecker and the rustling of the leaves. Let yourself go completely, and also enjoy the complete peace that prevails.

If you long for a day as king or queen, visit Paleis Het Loo. Be enchanted by the beautiful murals and luxurious furniture. The gardens behind the palace serve as the showpieces of the palace and this is also to be seen. A nearby attraction ideal for young and old! Do you want to hang the monkey? Then plan a visit to the Apenheul.

Hotspots in Apeldoorn