Antwerp (BE)

About Antwerp (BE)

Antwerp has a lot to offer and is full of surprising highlights. Culture, fashion, architecture, gastronomy and shopping. So you can go to the Zoo the Zoo of Antwerp, one of the oldest and most beautiful city zoos in Europe. There is also a beach, St. John, on the left bank.

Sky high enjoy the Antwerp skyline do you do at the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe Cathedral: the highest church tower in the low countries. A little further on you see Museum aan de Stroom, starting from the 60-meter-high roof of the museum admire you all over the city. In addition to this museums there are still quite a few particular museums. And then there are the museum worthy buildings where you can shop and eat such as the neoclassical stadsfeestzaal containing a shopping centre. Antwerp are trend setters. You will notice the many pop-ups, startups and of course also in the fashion and diamond district. Antwerp is a world city with the atmosphere of a village, you’ll find everything on walls-or at least bicycle distance.

In the old town you can see the history back in the centuries-old facades in narrow streets or on the impressive grand place. At the district Central Station you come by all at on the street, in cafes, shops and restaurants: from chic to folk and of historical to contemporary, this district has it. The heart of the district is the main railway station, and next to it the Zoo and the diamond area is nearby.

The theater area is rich in theatre halls. This is the work of many actors, directors, musicians and dancers You can also find many antiques, fashion and interior design shops and two small museums.

In the District of Sins-Andries is the Fashion Museum. Near the Nationalestraat and kammenstraat go haute couture and vintage together. Don’t miss the Monastery Street with its shops full of antique and second-hand dealer.

Antwerp is also a real student city. With his students cafes and lively atmosphere is the oxen market at the heart of the University area. Here you also find the Sins-J Church and the stately Rockox ‘ House.

Of the skippers quarters you can find the girls of pleasure. The window prostitution today start limited to three, for the rest, this is a colorful working-class area and a young residential area. There are nice restaurants, separate cafes and terraces.
In the South you will find wide boulevards, beautiful squares and stately mansions. Art lovers can get their money thanks to the many museums and art galleries. The South is also a popular entertainment spot.

The islet is the oldest port area of Antwerp. The port activities are today more concentrated in the North, but the port still feeling dominates here. Here you can taste the old atmosphere of de loskade with monumental warehouses, lanterns, hangars, warehouses and design.

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