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About Ameland

Your feet in the sand, the wind through your hair, slowly your lungs fill with the salty sea air. You are completely away and relaxed on this beautiful Wadden Island. The island has a lot of flora, fauna, and vast wide faces. Peace, space, beach, all these different landscapes describe Ameland best. But you can also visit the charming villages that are full of activity, with its own village character and cozy shops. Or perhaps you would prefer to get to know museums and the history of the island. You can also take part in excursions, waddle tours, boat trips, cycling, walking, it does not matter; there is something for everyone. A dance car in the local discotheque can also be done here, with all these different activities you can certainly enjoy Ameland.

Ameland is a beautiful Wadden Island. Indulge your senses with pure sea air, sweeping faces, beneficent relaxation and culinary pleasure. An island with lots of nature, peace and space. Every season the island colors in its own way.
There is also much to see and do in the cultural and sports field. By participating in boat trips, excursions, or by cycling and walking you discover the island!

Hotspots in Ameland